The protein diet has been a runaway success. For it is true that this system allows rapid weight loss, too fast also, according to some. But this method is not without risk, and the pounds too quickly lost back in general easily. Advantages and disadvantages.
The principle of protein diet 
Principle of protein diet protein diet The principle is simple: increase the consumption of protein to facilitate satiety while reducing calorie intake. One method that has the advantage of limiting the muscle wasting. In practice, this often involves bags of powders. Zoom on this diet.
High protein meal replacement or not? 
High protein meal replacement or not? The majority of high protein diets are based on the consumption of protein-enriched bags that replace a meal. However, these powders are often criticized by specialists. They are effective in controlling caloric intake, they allow you to learn to eat better and are often frustrated ...

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Protein diets : the secrets of success

Waist circumference of 2.6 cm French took 5 years! And some will try to address different methods, including the famous " protein diet ." The idea of ​​this scheme is simple : to compensate the unavoidable reduction of fats and sugars in the diet with protein . The idea is thus to keep the satiety while avoiding muscle wasting. If this scheme can be effective, it must take some precautions to protect their health but also avoid repeating all the lost weight off. Here are some tips to read before embarking .
Station deficiencies
Be careful with the use of bags : the protein diet usually requires supplementation with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids , to avoid deficiencies . Indeed , the risk deleting calorie foods is to remove beneficial nutrients they contain. Supplementation is therefore essential not to damage health. Another essential : water. At least 2 liters per day.
Do not fool yourself bags
HyperprotéinésAttention plans , do not confuse " Snacks " and high protein " meal replacement " high protein .
High protein supplements come Incase of a balanced diet (and often low-calorie ) . It may be for example sachets dessert creams or bars . They are not intended to replace a meal, but to supplement our diet .
High protein meal replacements can as their name suggests replace a meal . They meet the standards required for substitutes. They must thus contain different elements to be balanced. However, impossible to replace all meals with bags.
Taste or proteins
You find that certain preparations lack of taste : careful, often the most tastier products are also those who have less protein . Because we have less protein, more can be added to other compounds (fats , sugar ... ) that will allow to increase the flavor. A protein sachet 14 or 15 g of protein per 100 g will be more taste than 18 g sachet , but the regime will be less effective ...
No wild schemes
Need to take the bags haphazardly , then do intensive treatment one week before the beach. It takes the approach and commitment . At a minimum , go to specialty s
hops and buy yourself a book ( Gee I funds and it lasts Editions Marabout example). Better, please contact a physician who will give you a method adapted to your profile and provide a serious follow-up. This medical monitoring is also essential if you are seeking rapid weight loss .
Do not take risk
In any case , forget the protein diet if you:
Have type 1 diabetes ;
Severe kidney disease ;
Have heart failure or heart problems ;
Suffering from liver failure ;
are pregnant or nursing .
And this diet is not recommended for children.
Avoid embarrassment
Despite its advantages, the high protein diet is not without bothersome side effects. The main thing is ... inevitable bad breath : it shows that the system works! Indeed, when the body burns fat , there is a phenomenon called ketosis : there production residues are eliminated including expirations . Think chewing gum, mouthwash and herbal mint ...
Rarer but more annoying , the system can sometimes cause headaches or constipation. In this case , consult your doctor.

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The HCG diet is back in fashion in recent years, see if injections or HCG drops walking to lose weight.

The HCG diet, which uses either injections or HCG drops in addition to extreme calorie restriction , raises various controversies since its inception . With the HCG diet, you can lose between 9 and 13 pounds in a month . Many followers diet swear by this fad diet (especially the U.S. ), although the doctors say it does not work and that many other people find it to be a scam .

About the Federal Agency for Food and Drug Administration ( " FDA " in English , often simply called the FDA) considers HCG supplements (used for this scheme) illegal and fraudulent. A closer look at the HCG diet to see if injections or HCG drops walk and to understand why this diet causes much controversy.

> The HCG diet: What is it?
This scheme was initially designed to be completed only if a doctor prescribes and monitors the patient. The HCG diet promises to lose weight without having to do sports, combining extreme calorie restriction (no more than 500 calories per day to be taken if possible from fruits and vegetables) with injections (which are in muscles) daily hormone produced by pregnant women called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

This hormone also helps produces progesterone (a hormone essential to pregnancy). The HCG hormone is called "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin" in English.

Some companies also sell HCG drops (available OTC in homeopathic form, to put under the tongue) to be able to do this diet by avoiding injections. The usual dosage of HCG found in injections varies from 125 to 200 international units. The dosage of HCG drops is often very low or even zero.

> How does the HCG diet is supposed to work?
Studies have shown that the hormone HCG regulates metabolism during pregnancy. Some people have suggested that this hormone can aid in weight loss by increasing metabolism, which helps burn more calories.

HCG diet promoters also say that the human chorionic gonadotropin stimulate the hypothalamus, causing release of fat in the blood. This grease is then removed by the body by the kidneys and intestines. Since fat is released via the bloodstream, people who follow a HCG diet would feel very little hunger or symptoms normally associated with dieting.

The problem is that no serious scientific study could not demonstrate the validity of the arguments advanced by the proponents of HCG diet.

> How much food can you eat with the HCG diet?
You can eat very little. The HCG diet requires that you only consume about 500 calories per day. You already would reach your daily limit with a turkey sandwich with cheese and mayonnaise.

> Can you lose a lot of weight with the HCG diet?
Yes. If you do not eat, you will lose weight. Skipping meals and the use of extreme calorie restriction are technical (very unhealthy) used by followers of system for decades to try to lose weight. If you adopt permanently a diet that includes only 500 calories per day, you can lose 2 pounds or more per week.

> Why HCG diet Does arouses controversies?
It is precisely because any person eating only 500 calories a day will lose weight, it takes the HCG hormone or not, that the scheme is controversial. Many people are also the HCG diet is a scam (HCG drops are homeopathic and contain virtually no HCG, they cost more expensive) to attract people struggling against obesity long time and who are willing to pay for anything in order to lose weight.

People who support the HCG diet claiming talking results. Many people say that these supporters nothing worked on them to lose weight until they do this diet. Many people who follow the HCG diet find they have more energy and improve mental accuracy despite the very low calorie intake. 

Experts say that the HCG diet is too dangerous because of the extreme calorie restriction, it inevitably causes the yo-yo effect, and that those who follow this diet believe that walking through self-suggestion. Scientists believe that this is indeed Pluot ketosis which suppresses hunger during the diet, not the HCG hormone.

Ketosis is a state induced by low carbohydrate diets human metabolism (the HCG diet is extremely low in calories, it is also very low in carbohydrates), which produces a natural appetite suppressant effect. The problem with ketosis is that the body burns fat stores but has problems because he is in an extreme way. Blood pH can change, making blood too acidic and corrosive to internal organs

The short-term problem of ketosis still bad breath (like the smell of alcohol). Problems in the medium to long term the formation of kidney stones and gallstones, as well as exhaustion.

Recall that HCG drops are homeopathic and that homeopathy is an unconventional medicine, considered by scientists as a pseudo- science. The scientific community criticized the homeopathic clinical efficacy that does not exceed the placebo effect and its opposite concept to modern chemistry and biology. Homeopathy involves giving the patient extremely low or low doses made ​​by diluting and shaking ( dynamic ) a substance selected ( HCG in this case) according to the expression of symptoms depending on the physical and psychological typology patient .

> If you can lose weight fast with the HCG diet , why doctors do you recommend they not ?
Just because you will inevitably gain weight after completing the HCG diet . Decades of research have shown that if you go on a diet by eating only 500 calories a day , you take a lot of weight ( that you still managed to lose) after the end of the regime. It appears that intensive weight loss diets fail to lose more weight , one year after the completion of these plans, if you reduce modestly daily calorie intake and exercise Hiked .

The HCG diet is dangerous also . Common sense should alert you that you underfeeding is not very good for the body. In fact , researchers have shown that too. If you only eat 500 calories a day , there are serious health risks . Prevention Centres for Disease Control and the United States have already investigated a dozen related to these very low calorie diets , dating back to 1970 deaths . Obviously, most people will not die because HCG diet (especially if they do so only for a short period ), but many develop other health problems such as hair loss, constipation and gallstones (a painful disease that often requires surgery ) .

> What about HCG injections , do not they make this system more effective ?
No. HCG diet promoters say that when injecting the hormone HCG to people , they do have more hungry though they have not eaten. The idea of ​​using HCG injections to control appetite has been introduced since the 1950s ( by the physician Albert Simeons ) and has been carefully studied in a dozen well-conducted tests. Each of the tests showed that correctly HCG injections were not better than salt water injection ( placebo ) . In other words, people who had been injected with HCG lost the same amount of weight as those who received placebo injections ( salt water ) .

> If HCG injections do not make you lose weight more, they make the safest HCG diet?
Unfortunately, these injections do not make the healthiest undernourishment at all, and may actually make it more dangerous. Since studies have shown that the use of the hormone HCG does not give better results than injections of salt water to lose weight, traditional doctors no longer use this hormone to lose weight or overweight patients obese.

In addition, the safety of injections of the pregnancy hormone in women ( and men) when they consume so few calories has never been studied. Although all experts believe that HCG injections can cause adverse health effects in the long run , the truth is simply that we can not confirm the support of scientific studies.

> Who follow the HCG diet say that people no longer feel hungry. If this plan does not work, how is it possible?
It turns out that when it comes to hunger , human beings are very suggestible . You may very well not be hungry until someone starts to talk about his favorite dish. You can also lose your appetite seeing foods not very enticing . When a person really wants to persuade an injection (either salt water or hormones HCG) , will remove his hunger , it sometimes disappears .
In addition, ketosis may partly explain the disappearance of feelings of hunger among people who follow the HCG diet . We explained what ketosis to the top ( in the " Why the HCG diet he arouses controversy ? " ) .

> Regardless of whether it is the HCG hormone or its power of suggestion , if the HCG injection helps dieting, why not try ?
The reasons are simple . Extreme caloric restriction is known to cause serious health problems. In addition, the safety of HCG injections in this situation remains completely unknown.

> Does the HCG drops work?
HCG is also sold in some stores in the United States and Internet drops . Since studies have shown that injection of more than 100 international units of HCG does not help to lose weight , drops that contain almost no amount of HCG can not work according to many experts.

HCG drops are expensive (often costs 70 euros for a month of treatment). Injections (sometimes sold illegally on the Internet) often cost more than 300 euros for a treatment of 43 days.

> Does the HCG drops are legal ?
No. The hormone HCG has never been approved for incorporation in products sold directly to consumers. The team leader " Internet Scams " the FDA said that HCG drops are illegal in the U.S. market .

> I heard a doctor suggested HCG injections to lose weight. Is this legal ?
Yes. Once the FDA approves a drug for an indication (eg , the hormone HCG is approved by the FDA for the treatment of infertility) , doctors may use approved of how they want drugs.

So even if all the studies show that it does not work , doctors can still legally inject HCG to any patient who claims to lose weight. By doing so, the doctor makes a so-called off-label prescribing ( Authorisation Market ) , that is to say, he prescribed HCG for a use other than those that had been planned for this drug to its marketing . Of course, the overwhelming majority of doctors do not prescribe a substance that has been shown ineffective.

It is also noteworthy that the injectable HCG is FDA-approved for some uses , but not to lose weight. The injection of this hormone was used in the 1950s to increase testosterone production in boys who should be in puberty but who were not. This hormone is also sometimes used to treat infertility and some cancers in men.

> If I experience side effects for a HCG diet , what should I do?
You may experience headaches ( the most common side effect for this system ) , excessive acne or symptoms related to pregnancy (such as excessive ovulation if you are a woman, because the HCG hormone levels increase in your organization) for a HCG diet . In men, HCG can also cause prostate problems.
If you notice any serious side effects, stop the diet if you have not already done so, and tell your doctor as soon as possible.

What do you think of the HCG diet? Did you know the controversy generated ? If you follow this diet , injections or HCG drops have they worked for you ? Read comments or add your opinion below on this page. If you liked this article, thank you for recommending it on Facebook, to tweet , to give it a +1 on Google Plus vote .

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Before starting your diet and go check your weight . Get a specific number and make sure that you write. Then measure your arms, thighs, waist , bust and hips and take note of how many inches you are in each region. Do not get too worried if you see many who read a lot higher than you had expected them to be. This is a great idea for you to write your weight and Measurements before you start the HCG diet so that you can realize how much weight you lose throughout the diet. Every three or four days during the period of diet you should check your weight again. Note the changes in numbers.

According to the extensive research that has been on a diet and in the reports of dieters , you should see these numbers decrease every time you go to the bathroom in the scale . Of course, each person gets different results because our bodies are all different and have different ways. However, the HCG diet claims that you lose one to three pounds every day from your diet. This means a big difference in your weight and shape when you reach the end of your diet. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your measurements and weight, as this will help you keep going when you feel tired of strict diet. It will not be easy to stick to the diet every day all the time , but it is important that you do to get the best possible results .

Online, you should check to see if there are support sites for people who follow this diet . These can be a great resource and a great help for you to keep you motivated and help you stick to the plan . It can feel like the diet lasts forever when you reach halfway and short of a steam system . So after registering your weights and measures from the beginning will help you to keep moving too

Of course, there are some side effects that are common with the hCG diet and others who are very rare. You must do your homework and get to know what it is then you are ready if you suffer with something unusual while on the diet. Being prepared is the best way to go.

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The HCG diet was discovered by Dr. ATW Simeons . The diet calls for huge amounts of weight loss and helps to keep the lost weight once the diet is completed . HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin . It is a hormone found naturally in men and women . However, Dr. Simeons discovered that the hormone is produced in significantly greater amounts in the body of a pregnant woman . The HCG hormone tells the brain that the woman is pregnant. It causes the hypothalamus gland continue to burn fat stores around the body even if the pregnant woman does not get enough calories. It burns fat for energy from fat reserves around the old body. This is because the fetus needs energy for its safe and natural growth.

Using the HCG hormone for weight loss with a very low calorie diet , the HCG diet was created. The hormone is taken by drops under the tongue or injections given by your doctor or health care professional . As with the hormone produced naturally by the body of a pregnant woman , hormone injections or drops work in your body. It tells your body that you are pregnant and therefore causes the hypothalamus gland continue to burn fat and retune and stabilize your metabolism rate. The hormone injections or drops should be used alongside the very low calorie diet .

This is a very strict diet and you should be exactly where you want to lose weight as other dieters have claimed. You are only allowed to have 500 calories per day . The average calorie intake for women is 2000 calories for men is 2500 calories per day. It is a severe cut in food. Many foods and liquids, including alcohol , are prohibited throughout the diet. Using oil-based creams body or face, or other oil derivatives are also not allowed. This is due to the absorption of the oil through the skin and a rash may develop easily . Your body is missing, and generally in the case of a very low calorie diet your body will stop starvation mode. But because you also get the hormone HCG drops or injections, your body will continue to burn fat. The hormone is telling your body that there is a baby growing old and fat stores must be released.

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This article " 3 Ways to lose weight naturally" part of the event inter- bloggers "Why not natural? " Established by the blog form and well-being. If you've read this article and it has pleased you , go from 1 to 11 October to vote and choose the three items that have caught your attention.
Nobody pushes you to lose weight naturally

This morning I went through my favorite pharmacy for a small race that was part of my " to do list " for some time . The pharmacy is great: if needed , there is all that is needed to repair its minor injuries and other runny noses ...

And whenever I go into the pharmacy , I leaps 3 meters high (well, ok , I'm exaggerating a little ) because the first billboard that I see touting pills or capsules " fat -burning . "

This morning , so I did not have a runny nose, I was not sick, but seeing this show , I felt like hitting the ceiling. My eyes were lost in the void : " How can we still sell pills like that? " .

Capsules to lose weight naturally
Capsules to lose weight are numerous and have not proven universally effective ... Far from it .
Imagine what miracle you take your pills for a while, and presto, your extra fat disappears like magic and does not come back ... If this really existed, it would simply need to advertise for sale .

You can be optimistic and believe in the omnipotence of science, but in my opinion , this kind of product will never exist . Unfortunately.

Why lose weight naturally?

As you know , we do not become big overnight . The body has a certain inertia .

It is the accumulation of a series of bad behavior for several years leads to a true weight gain. Some small differences are safely isolated .

Use fat -burning capsules , is to try to artificially break the rhythm of the body .

I say ATTEMPT to break .

Apply a plaster on a wound never healed the injury in question. It's the same with slimming capsules.

It is better to heal from the inside to slim down naturally rather than to imagine that there is an external solution that will resolve in a few weeks the consequences of years of bad habits.

Although this solution existed, it would have the biggest problem not teach you how to live properly. You should therefore use it constantly .

No doubt you see where I 'm coming from : the best way not to get fat or lose weight naturally is to give a little trouble to live healthily.

What basic principles should be followed to lose weight naturally?

1 / Eating to lose weight naturally naturally

Those who follow me for some time know that recently, I am a father for the second time ...

And about this: do you remember (or have you seen ) infants when they eat ?

There is something in them that is still amazing : they know very well when they are hungry ( and they do know) and when they are no longer hungry .

You tell me : " Bein yes , so what? " .

Do you realize the amazing number of people who eat without hunger ? Or people who believe they have not really hungry hungry ? Or people who eat well beyond the time when they were really hungry?

A baby manages his hunger as a leader. He knows how to eat naturally. I am sure that making a little effort, anyone else can get there. That said, perhaps a little boost can help you reduce your portions ( see point 3) !

That was the first way to lose weight naturally ...

2 / Choose a natural and quality food to lose weight naturally

After talking about the amount of food you ingurgitez , talking about its quality.

Let's be clear : there has never eaten so badly in our time .
Moreover, some would say that the food has never been so good ...

So good, so good ... Bad . What is certain is that our parents and grandparents ate fruit and much more succulent than those found today in our stores vegetables. We lost quality. Although our fruits are beautiful to behold .

Whose fault is it ?

We must admit that the food industry is not guided primarily in its choice , the nutritional quality of food it produces.

Instead, it manages to give more taste artificially and it manages to give a good appearance to a food, the food will be more interesting, because coveted among consumers.

Such manipulation requires the use of additives ( E425 , acidifiers, etc . ) And which considerably reduce the transformations of a nutritious food interest .

Remember : the more a food has been transformed during its creation, it has less chance to be good for the body. Additives have only one goal : to present the consumer an attractive product. They will never help you lose weight naturally.

Here is a small example to illustrate what I say : do not buy bread packaged in plastic . Take fresh breads . Even better , make your bread yourself.

It's not complicated if one inquires a bit , it's fun (you can add the seeds you want, choose your meal ...) and it's delicious .

In short , most processed foods contain substances that the body must get rid of, and in addition, they are refined, ie they are of grossirdavantage as "raw" foods.

Lose weight naturally through the most natural food and more "organic" as possible.

3 / Dietary tips to lose weight naturally

Unlike fat -burning capsules , tips to burn fat and lose weight naturally it can only help you lose weight.

Not only do they help you understand what to do for your body to naturally lose weight , but also they will become accustomed to responsible for your weight loss and only master on board your body. No pill will not teach you that.

In this blog you will find the 5 best natural tips for weight loss as well as the basic principle that allows you to transform raw foods fat burning foods.

These tips and principle based on scientific observations and involve psychology, dietetics, subconscious , and concepts such as the glycemic index of foods.

Nothing artificial , as natural . And intelligent use of resources common to any individual. What naturally slim tomorrow ...

Check out the links that I information in this article to go further. You will certainly not regret it !

Have you ever thought of using an artificial solution to lose weight ? If yes, which ? And after reading this article, what solution do you favor now ?

I secretly hope I have convinced you that it is better to lose weight naturally ... ;-)

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